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Chairman's Message

Built on the proceeds of its farsighted and successful development of hydrocarbon resources, Qatar’s economy has become the world’s strongest on a per capita basis today. Diversification away from an overdependence on oil and gas has led to new focus on other sectors, to create a sustainable social economy and reduce reliance on the energy sector.

Intervention Solutions is well aware, that the challenges of the diversification strategy, which is most important for a sustainable development of the Qatari economy, can only be faced together with the high-level knowledge of international leading companies within the respective line of business.” – Emad Al-Darwish.

Support the upcoming economy

As a consequence, extraordinary growth is being seen in the education, healthcare, hospitality, ICT and logistics and petrochemical sectors, in addition to construction and engineering. Intervention Solutions owes much of its success to the blessings of the oil and gas boom but aims to promote and support new activities in the upcoming economy as well. Companies joining a strategic partnership with Intervention Solutions benefit from the group’s conversant with business practices in Qatar and other Gulf states as well as from its strong business network in the Gulf Region. Intervention Solution’s mission is to continue providing its clients with high quality, professional and ethical products and services, efficiently and within agreed time and cost constraints

Emad Al-Darwish