Project Division & Engineering Services

Project Division & Engineering Services

The project division of Intervention Solutions undertakes engineering services for oil and gas and associated sector Customers. This work can be site or workshop based depending upon the Customer’s requirements.

The division is mainly focusing on the maintenance and refurbishment of plate heat exchangers, shell & tube exchangers, air coolers, pressure vessels and other static equipment and piping for the oil and gas sector and petrochemical industries.

The team are highly skilled and experienced in this area and undertake work in behalf of a number of key industrial concerns in the energy and chemicals sectors.

The Services Offered by Project Division & Engineering Services are:

  • Repair, alteration and refurbishment of plate type heat exchangers, shell and tube type heat exchangers and air coolers.
  • Repair and maintenance of pressure vessels, columns, tanks, pressure piping, boilers etc. (all kinds of static equipment).
  • Maintenance and repair of furnaces, coils and burners.
  • All kinds of onsite repair (including welding) and maintenance activities for the oil and gas sector and petrochemical industries.
  • Project management.